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about Michael

songwriter/producer/video director/editor



MICHAEL CARROLL songwriter / producer / video director and editor / photographer

My clients include HEAVY HITTERS music publishing in Los Angeles and RUBY SHOES music publishing in Boston as well as local singers that are looking to get a record deal .

I'm fluent not only in all styles of electronic music but anything acoustic as well . Whether it's 96 tracks of electronic production or just guitar & vocal ... i'm a songwriter that LOVES to make records !

If you're a singer that wants to record your voice or an artist looking to write & record an entire album ...

I learned how to write songs by listening to Nashville , i've learned about Production and Sound Design by listening to Dance/Hip-Hop and R&B ... and i've always had an objective eye for Artist Development !

I co-founded a boston-based band that was nominated for 4 'Boston Music Awards' ...

I spent 5 years recording with Perry Geyer @ CYBERSOUND on Newbury St in Boston ...

and  17 years producing artists @ MIX ONE on Boylston St in Boston with Ted Paduck as my engineer . (Ted teaches music production & engineering @ 'Berklee College of Music' in Boston).

I've played guitar , piano and drums for over 35 years ... bass for the last 15 years and i've studied voice with Jeannie Deva in Boston.
I've been programming music since 1994 and did my first mix in the summer of 1988.

I started getting into directing and editing music videos a couple of years ago and it's really taken off ... my main inspiration is film (new and old) and music videos from the 1980s and today . I have a natural ability to get great performances out of people and an eye for detail . I'm currently finishing my 211th music video since i started making them 4 years ago .

I am also recording a 2nd 14 song album (complete with 14 music videos) for local singer/songwriter Boston Catalano , and a 9 song album (with 9 music videos) for country-singer Stacy Lavalley.