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What people are saying about Michael Carroll and Summer Sky ...


"The mix sounds great in here ... (Abbey Road studios)
Vocal nicely balanced  , good clarity in the high end & not boomy in the low end.
In my opinion , your mix room is very true."

-Geoff Pesche
( ABBEY ROAD mastering engineer , London , England )



"I've been in alot of so-called 'PRO' rooms before ... but HIS is a 'PRO' room ! "

- Ted Paduck  ( Associate Professor teaching 'Music Production & Engineering' at BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC Boston , Ma )                                                                                                                                                                    


 "I've been working with Michael on different projects for over three years. When I was just starting out as a songwriter/singer, he was the first producer I worked with. Since then, I've worked with a number of producers from all over New England on different projects to achieve certain sounds and vibes, but I always end up back working with Michael. Michael has a way of pulling creativity out of his clients and always makes you feel comfortable to share ideas. He achieves a clean sound and doesn't over complicate his production. I especially like working with Michael on acoustic tracks because of his knack for capturing warm guitar tones and crisp vocals! Always a positive experience, always happy with the product."

- Kiley Evans (singer/songwriter/recording artist).



"Great sounds: fast and reliable. Michael is great at seeing the whole picture even if you only give him a little piece to start with."                                                                                                                                                                                          

- Jennifer Truesdale    (RUBY SHOES music publishing , Boston , Ma)




"Michael is a hardworking , talented , reliable and all around great guy. He listens , gives feedback , and knows how to work with vocalists. Highly recommended ! "

 -Rachel Borovik
 ( Creative Control music publishing , Los Angeles , Ca )